Tonopah Developements

Many new developements are active in the area as you can see in the map below.

Current DMPs are:

Belmont, 20,805 acres with 50,000 total units.
Hassayampa Ranch , 2,066 acres with 5,700 total units.
Balterra, 1,100 acres with 6,100 units.
Copper Leaf, 1,282 acres with 4,100 units.
Paintball Compound, 50 acres.
Buckeye Ranch
, under developement.

Current CPAs are:

JMA, 480 acres.
Saddle Mountain, 292 acres 1,743 units

See also: Maricopa County Map  |   Regional Map

These are in miscellaneous stages of developement and approval. The developement map, as submitted by the Developer in their own plan, is available from clicking on the appropriate area on the map. Belmont Hassayampa Copper Leaf Balterra Paintball Compound JMA Saddle Mountain

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